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Learning Friends will become the premier Internet provider of state-of-the-art children's online learning.

Historically and culturally-specific, Learning Friends Worlds are the framework of a custom educational experience for children ages 4-9. Each environment contains integrated games, activities, tools, characters and stories. The Worlds are modular in design, driven by an invisible, dynamic assessment engine. This engine monitors performance with every keystroke and moves children through a systematic, comprehensive body of knowledge and skills. The content architecture allows learning to be adapted for older children and adults. 

Immersive Worlds teach reading and mathematics and integrate science, social studies, the arts, foreign language, emotional intelligence and technology. Learning Friends provides “learning insurance” never possible before the development of the revolutionary Learning Friends System and the reach of broadband, interactive media.

The Learning Friends Product System incorporates on and off-screen interaction. Parents, family and friends can become members of the child's “learning circle” and receive custom emails reporting what the child has learned that day, why it's important and how to apply it. Learning Friends e-commerce supports the learning by recommending books, toys and kits that match the child's immediate interests and needs. 

Books, Toys and Kits

Learning Friends will select and develop high-quality books, toys and learning kits to match topics children are learning about in our Worlds.  A custom recommendation system automatically adapts the product offering to match the child's interests and needs.

Parents and adults in the child's "Learning Circle" collect a beautiful and appropriate set of books and toys for their child.  When children play in on-screen worlds, their family and grown-up friends receive news about what their child has done, why it's important and how to help by asking good questions.  Through play in the real world, children transfer their learning to new situations and become better prepared for life in a complex society.


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